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43, xs3, u, v3k, lp, yc, c5a, 9v, 1od, tx2, 2, ev, 9, z19, Updates – Future of Iran
01 Jun 2019

Hossein Ali Bayat

City of Event: Tehran

General Bayat was a member of the Iranian Parliament representing Zanjan, the city of his birth during the Iranian Revolution of 1979. One April 12th, 1980, he was awakened in very early morning, around 4:00am after his imprisonment of approximately two month, he was summarily tried and executed on the same day before sunrise. Upon the reading of the court verdict of corrupter of earth for his role in protecting Iranian border in the 1st Iran-Iraq war, he responded by stating "in the future, they will build our statues for our lives of service for Iran". Approximately 8 months later, the 2nd Iran-Iraq war started, resulting in over 1 million deaths.

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