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– Future of Iran

The use of this series of the videos to support our claim is merely because these are the best proofs we have discovered so far. We have no affiliation or connection with the producers or anyone connection with the creation of these series of videos or the station manoto. Of course, we are thankful to the producers for their labor to prepare such accurate accounts of our history.

مستند انقلاب 57 سری جدید قسمت اول

مستند انقلاب 57 سری جدید قسمت سوم

مستند انقلاب 57 سری جدید قسمت دوم

مستند انقلاب 57 سری جدید قسمت چهارم

مستند انقلاب 57 سری جدید قسمت پنجم