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Financials – Future of Iran

Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 through the establishment of an Islamic Republic of Iran, an uncounted number of civil servants of the previous regime and others were summarily tried and executed with no representation, while others were simply assassinated. The basis for this persecution was the accusation best dating sites for asian girls that these civil servants were corrupter’s of the earth and had helped oppress the Iranian people by eliminating and reducing the Iranian citizen’s freedoms and rights. The promise of the revolution forty years ago was one of greater freedom and prosperity for the citizens of Iran. Forty years has now past and history has shown that that not only the freedom and rights of the citizens of Iran are not greater rather as a whole the Iranian peoples’ freedoms and rights are significantly less. Our claim is that in the final analysis, time has proven that our beloved parents, those who were the victims of executions and assassinations were not guilty of the charges they were accused of and this proof is testimony to their innocence. For these reasons, we the offspring and descendants of these civil servants, who spent their lives serving their country in various capacities level financial claims for wages lost and retirements eliminated.

Additionally we make claim to property and estates earned by our family’s honest and hard work. They labored to make a better future for themselves, their families and their communities and their countries and we are taking the necessary steps to reclaim what is rightfully ours
While financial path towards retribution provides a solid foundation of hard figures and tangible damages, the greatest damage done to those of us left is the infliction of suffering upon our souls.  Stolen from us were a lifetime of guidance, memories and possibilities. Congratulations at happy graduations and tears of warmth at weddings, best dating sites for asian girls the welcoming of a new daughter-in-law and comforting murmurs to a gently cradled newborn grandchild.  The future was torn from our lives at the same moment our loved ones were torn from this world. Numerical accounting may be our greatest and most practical weapon but it carries a payload of ten thousand heavy hearts. In that light, we also claim that their innocence has to be officially acknowledged by all people..