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tz, Anna Mann’s Night Time Cheese & Sex Party. The bar’s open, the make-up’s on, and Anna’s had 17 coffees to help keep her awake past midnight. – Future of Iran
July 31, 2020

Anna Mann’s Night Time Cheese & Sex Party. The bar’s open, the make-up’s on, and Anna’s had 17 coffees to help keep her awake past midnight.

Anna Mann’s Night Time Cheese & Sex Party. The bar’s open, the make-up’s on, and Anna’s had 17 coffees to help keep her awake past midnight.

Fri 13 Jul

Soho Downstairs

Join Anna Mann (actress, singer, welder – surely got to have back-up) & buddies as she hosts one of her famous crazy evenings of cheese, intercourse, and night comedy that is late.

For just one evening just, Colin Hoult’s ‘hugely enjoyable’ (???? Times) change ego involves Soho Theatre for a evening extravaganza, accompanied by unique visitors.

Apr 20 – Ed Gamble and Rob Carter as Christopher Bliss

Jun 1 – Mae Martin and Adam Hess

July 13 – Phil Wang and Evelyn Mok

‘Utterly unique, painfully hilarious and a complete must-see. ’

‘Master class in character comedy. ’

‘Dazzlingly ridiculous… could keep you giggling far in the future through the location. ’

‘He’s just so great as Anna… A vivid, vibrant creation, incredibly funny. ’

You may want to consider.

  • Comedy
  • Drag
  • Stand-up

Comedy Masterclasses

Jinkx Monsoon & Significant Scales: Together Once Again, Once Again! @ Leicester Square Theatre

Mr. Swallow: Houdini heads to Soho Theatre On Need

Profits to attend NHS Charities Together & arts charities supporting those who work in need of assistance

‘The jokes are funnier, the intercourse filthier, the asides more mischievous, & the shocks more visceral. ’ We’ve tweeted so numerous reviews of @DryWrite’s extraordinary #Fleabag through the years; @alicevjones may just have written our ?? that is xlovecam com fave ?? inews.co.uk/culture/fleaba…



Bringing the biggest movie movie movie stars, inspiring the generation that is next

You want to discover the borough’s next big thing by bringing the greatest names to encourage them.

Jinkx Monsoon & Significant Scales: Together Again, Once Again! @ Leicester Square Theatre


Tyrone Huntley will star as Wes within the European premiere of the latest LGBTQ+ musical THE VIEW UPSTAIRS.

Information: Extra matinee for sell-out Drag Becomes Her run

Extra matinee show at Leicester Square Theatre for the sold-out London run of Peaches Christ’s Drag Becomes Her

Amrou/ Glamrou

Soho Theatre younger business alumni and today mind diva associated with drag troupe Denim.

Cabaret & Drag Lab (18+)

Unique visitors, lead our 10 course in the fundamentals of cabaret & drag week. Discover exactly about producing a character, improvising, utilizing music, using sex and much more.

Comedy Masterclasses


Soho Theatre and NextUp in a brand new partnership to film and circulate a number of real time comedy deals

INFORMATION: Soho Theatre’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019 programme

Soho Theatre comes back to your world’s biggest arts event in 2019 to provide a programme of 13 shows.

Diwali Festival 2017

In 2017 we had been really proud to present the stage that is comedy the very first time in the Mayor of London’s Diwali Festival in Trafalgar Square.

Comedy Lab: Stand-Up (18+)

If you’re considering stepping in to the limelight when it comes to time that is first a stand-up, you’ll need our Comedy Lab stay Up course operate by our stable of professional comedians.

London’s many producer that is vibrant brand new theater, comedy and cabaret.

Welcome to Dean Street, the hub that is thriving of Theatre

Bang into the heart that is creative of

(whenever we’re available) our house is amongst the country’s busiest venues by having a festival that is year-round of theater, comedy and cabaret. Six programs per night. Three phases. One bar that is buzzing.

Arrange your journey with TFL

Box Workplace: 020 7478 0100

Our phone lines are closed.

While our programme that is live is our company is contacting all affected organizations, performers and ticket-holders the moment we could. Many thanks for the persistence and understanding.

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