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jt, 3, a, wxy, im4, hi, v1, About Us – Future of Iran


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Who We Are

We are the offspring’s and the decedents of the executed and assassinated oh the Iranian Islamic Revolution and its aftermath. We are the victims who have the desire to save others from becoming victims like us, in Iran and all throughout https://rting.org/best-portable-stereo-system-2020/ dating site to date asian girls the world, and for all time. Our hope and desire is to use all means available to secure the acceptance and acknowledgement of our parent’s innocence from those who accused them, to honor the memories of the executed and assassinated in Iran and to take step to ensure events similar to what occurred in Iran never reoccur anywhere else in the world.

Next Steps…

Our attempts are to create global awareness and support for this movement.  Our strategy is to create enough resources, through fund-raising and volunteers in order to be able to take legal steps internationally to pursue our claims in international human right and financial court systems.  Furthermore, our intent is to enlist various governments and governmental entities along with multi-national trade organizations and companies to use economical and trade pressures upon those responsible for the wrongs done in our case to honor our claims.  There are many ways you can get involved in this movement.
A. If you are an offspring or related to a victim and have information on them, register the victim and 321 sex chat help me with my homework tell everyone their story. This are will become the depository of all the victims in one place.
B. You also sign up to receive updates.
C. You can become a volunteer to promote this movement or help as a volunteer.
D. This part is both for organizations and individuals. Our https://rting.org/best-portable-stereo-system-2020/ dating site to date asian girls goal is to raise enough funds for us to be able to secure top international lawyers to plead our case, to secure top forensics firms to build our financial case and to track a historical account of the movements of funds and resources from Iranian accounts to secret organizations, International corporations and individuals and their children. Our goal is to pleas our case, secure our judgement and using the data, develop variety of means to secure the judgement. The funds will be used to help people whom we will discover during this process.