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of the past

Welcome to Future of Iran

Since early 1980’s there are events that have continued to this day which have caused a shift in world events. These events have gone unnoticed by most of the world however the products of these events have been felt by majority of world population in some form over the last forty years.
At first glance, these events seem only national or regional in nature, however last forty years have proven that thlesbian video i need help with my homeworke effects of these events have been far from national or even regional.

Although difference of opinions have always been part of human history, these events have proven to be the impetus for a enormous, dangerous and growing divide among people of the world across political and religious views. Conflicts among fundamental views of religious beliefs has become an almost daily source of suffering and pain for various groups of people in different parts of the world. No one in the world has been left untouched by these events. This site is dedicated to highlighting theslesbian video i need help with my homeworke events, the enormity of which are unique in human history, in an attempt to right the wrongs, in a dedicated and peaceful way.


Long live Iran and the memories of our parents


Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 through the establishment of an Islamic Republic of Iran, an uncounted number of civil servants of the previous regime and others were summarily tried and executed with no representation, while others were simply assassinated….

United By A Cornrnon Humanitarian Cause

As a group and movement, we do not affiliate with any political movement, religious or any other groups or institutions nor are we in support or against any group or government or school of thought. However diverse and unique the makeup of our individual experiences and beliefs, we share faith in a common human goodness and hold the position that our individual views and beliefs are immaterial in the context of this claim.

Get involved!

We take this action in tribute to the memories and life work of our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, distant relatives and our dear friends. Every one of us has a role to play as we each know of or have heard of at least one such individual. In addition, the success of this movement will set a historical precedence to prevent such events for all future generations. Our sincere hope is also that this movement will be instrumental in greater efforts by authorities to improve the lives of the citizens of Iran and will result in an attitude shift towards greater care and consideration for the good people of Iran.


Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger and will be used for the logistics of this movement.

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